Take it Home with Zoë Pawlak

Local artist and industrial designer Zoë Pawlak is one of Vancouver's most sought after artists. Straddling the art and design worlds for the past 14 years, Pawlak's studio is a place of true creation and collaboration; Innovation and teamwork being the main guiding principles.

Born in Vancouver, Zoë spent four years in Montreal and has recently settled back on the West Coast. This January, Pawlak will be opening her first showroom in the design district. Zoë is known for her playful curiosity, and her team works together to expand what's possible for their clients' spaces.

With three rugs collections available with the Burritt Brothers, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to building your collection. Zoë is a pleasure to work with professionally and is available to assist interior designers and developers with custom work for site-specific projects.

Her most recent collection of vessel paintings explore our capacity for power paired with our natural inclination to continually seek a sustained experience of innner peace.

Her work can be found @zoepawlak or www.zoepawlak.com