55 Beautiful Loft Designs from Around the World

There are lofts and then there are beautiful lofts. I would be lying if I told you that I don’t consider aesthetics important when I’m looking at property. Functionality and space are definitely my top priorities, but if a place isn’t quirky or beautiful then I lose interest.

Lofts present a unique opportunity and a blank canvas on which you can express yourself and build a living space that is truly your own. It is not confined by ideas or walls (pun intended!) of thought and evolves with you on your journey through life.

Loft designs are a melting pot of architectural cues and design concepts from lands near and far away. You can find NYC styled conversions in London, French lofts with industrial touches, lofts in Turkey hinting at Italian chic, to name a few.

Whenever I hit a wall (I don’t like walls, can you tell?) with ideas, I just backpack to wherever I feel like at the time. It’s a great way to expose yourself to new ideas and cultures around the world. Plus, you get to see some pretty sweet ideas for living spaces which is an absolute bonus!

I’ve managed to get hold of a few snappy design concepts which I think would look and feel great as living spaces for you. These highlight how different colors, arrangements and materials used can completely change your loft’s looks and character.

These images are what I thought were striking designs that are gorgeous but also easy to live with every day. They are pretty close to being perfect when it comes to blending in form and functionality.

Luxurious and Opulent Mezzanine concept

Bringing the mezzanine concept to life, this is an airy place dominated by the color white which makes it feel luxurious and opulent. An open plan house, this design is characterized by the optimal usage of space. Ideas like this can help you fit in a lot of concepts for your ideal loft.

Industrial Designs by Luis Ridao

Highlighting industrial designs and how they can give you that desired ambience regardless of the time of the day, this is an example of a Uruguay residence which was shot by Luis Ridao. Geometrical shapes and contrasting colors make this a very relaxing place to spend time.

Minimalist Design Loft concept

Compact and well-appointed, Kimberly peck architects have designed this for the minimalist but with a sophisticated flair. There is a mezzanine library/storage for when you want to read or work. It’s well-lit owing to the large frontal window area.

Classy Italian Design

Rather than follow the traditional Italian excess, this loft has a simple outlook and manages to incorporate lots of whites and blacks without looking dreary and stark. Finished off with dark wood accents, it looks classy and modern all at the same time.

Tribeca Style bachelor pad

A Tribeca style bachelor pad which looks and feels luxurious! It has enough room and seats for your that weekend action movie marathon or for kicking back after a tiring basketball game. Finished in a variety of materials and textures, it has a little bit of everything! Created by Andrew Franz.

Rustic Dutch Farmhouse Loft

A Dutch style cowshed converted into a rustic farmhouse loft has modern amenities and features, but retains the charm of the original. The crossbeams add to the character to the living space accentuated by dated wooden furniture which completes the look.

Art Deco Style by Isabelle Rouyer

A fantastic art deco styled loft combined with proportions to make you feel cozy even in open spaces. Architect Isabelle Rouyer made use of Le Corbusioer’s ‘Moldulor’ for coming with the magical ratio. The kitchen is the centerpiece of this design.

Classic English brick meets Italian Style
Making use of classic brick walls melded with a contemporary spin complete with generous Italian chic, this loft is a beautiful mix of various styles and stunning to behold! Fine details like using overlapping, patterned carpets can further accentuate the deco nature of the space.

Amalgam of Industrial and Urban

Mixing classic industrial and urban design cues to come up with a characteristically styled hair salon. Even their fittings have a more classical looking flair and have muted and earthy colors as well. It has stone floors and metal frames with wooden light fixtures for added effect.

Industrial meets Art Deco

via Indulgy

Utilizing classic and industrial styling cues like exposed walls and symmetric proportions; this is an example of industrial art deco style done right. There are various styling elements like paintings and beams which further accentuate its features.

Classic Loft Designs by Dick Clark

via Dcarch

A beautiful amalgam of earthy hues, woods and subtle lighting, Dick Clark and associates from Texas have outdone themselves on this project. It has a cozy feeling and accentuated by a fireplace which can provide warmth on those cold days.

Raw Industrial Design by Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects

Suyabatmaz Demirel Architects have created a beautiful sculpture out of a derelict factory. What was interesting about his is the fact that it still retains the authentic atmosphere which we look for. Using raw wood and polished stone further accentuate its character.

Contrasting Clean and Rugged looks

Built by the architects from The Mansion on The Hill, it has a clean and rugged look when you first experience it. The chipped brick pillar and polished wooden flooring create a happy contrast which I found just worked right for me.

Classic Loft with French Design Touches

via Yatzer

This incredible looking loft has typical French touches like artistically combining geometric shapes with raw looking architectural cues. It has a lot of windows and large glass area which gave me an airy and impressive feel also replete with a garden on the ground floor.

Urban Styled Loft in Philadelphia

Great looking urban styled lofts in Philly are an awesome place to put your feet back and relax. It has enough space to accommodate your family, friends and the best parties during the weekends!

Penthouse Styled Lofts

Finished in beautiful stark white plaster and exposed brickwork for relief, this is an excellent example of a penthouse style architecture. Dark colored fittings and accessories replete with beautiful wooden tables complete the look.

Industrial Styled lofts by Scrafano Architects

Styled by the renowned Scrafano Architects this unique project merges four existing lofts into one large living space. It has beautiful wooden accents and it utilizes shelves and cabinetry to separate interior rooms.

Hand finished Custom Styled lofts

Once the sole domain of eccentric artists, lofts are now a popular choice for people who prefer the flexibility of a large space coupled with the cost atmosphere of a nook. Finished in beautiful hand painted floor tiles, this loft exudes class and warmth.

Classically styled lofts by Claudia Leccacorvi

Concepted by the interior designer Claudia Leccacorvi, this is a fine example of classical architecture highlighted with modern accents to make a complete package. It includes lot of lighter shades accented by woody browns and delicate chrome.

Roman Design themed loft

This fabulous loft design finished with style is from Rome. From the moment you lay eyes on it, you can feel the loft exudes richness and opulence. Classic polished asymmetric stone floor, wooden tables with metal frames, rich leather furniture complete it.

Contemporary style lofts by Novogratz Design

A beautiful amalgam of Western and Eastern style architecture, this loft has a lot of quirky elements like the carpets and the classical fireplace. Contrast that to the contemporary kitchen and the dining area. It also has bedrooms finished in delicate lilac.

Unconventionally designed lofts

via Decoist

working on space saving solutions is never easy. However these people have come up with a unique and appealing design that saves space and is great to live in. Making use of unconventional design, like having the bed with over the sitting area, this place is plain awesome!

Contemporary Style lofts with whites and greys

Styled with an ample amount of greys and whites, this gives it a very classy outlook coupled with elegance. Bone white floors with deep black fittings look classy and offer an interesting contrast when it comes to design.

Custom Style Loft Offices 

via Dezeen

Office of the branding agency 99c, it has a bright and a contrasting color theme to go with its eccentric style. It has a shipping container as a waiting room! Hard to top that when it comes to creativity!

Classic Style With Natural Elements

All work spaces are not created equal, you get that feeling when you visit Oh Joy! Offices in Cape Town, South Africa. It has quirky design and colors which are proven to improve work performance. I should try working in a place like this!

Home and Office space loft

This office/home loft in Argentina has all the trappings of a cozy home and serious office space. Ample use of stone finishes for the office space and wood for the living area effectively creates a major demarcation between the two.

Custom Style Artist Loft

One of the best lofts especially for artists is one where there is ample space to move about and let thoughts flow free. This is an excellent example of that style. Also included are creative ways to display art, collectibles and various other knick-knacks.

Minimalist Style Designer Loft

via Homedit

Here are few dozen ideas how you can create your own oasis of calm away from the pressures of work pressure and stress. The key is to insulate yourself from external sources as much as possible. Also good designs shown here can also help!

Classically Styled Renovation

Remaking something can never be easy, moreover when it loses character due to too much work done on it. Van den Bergh Architects have created the perfect renovation of a classic theme of Inns. They specialize in restoration of classic spaces.

Custom Minimalist Style by Jesus Castillo

Created by the renowned architect Jesus Castillo, this charming space has an excellent offbeat vibe with thick wooden beams and ultra-modern minimalist style towards the ground floor. This is an ideal space to unleash your inner artist.

Artistically Styled lofts by Jessica Vedel

this is the work of Jessica Vedel, who has been able to combine high contrast artistic elements with living spaces to give you a fresh and vibrant take on living spaces. You can observe even in this example that the contrasts in her style are quite evident and magnificent to behold.

Classic English Styled Penthouse

A traditional penthouse style loft in every sense of the word, this work of art has been a restoration of the St Pancras Penthouse. Thomas Griem has given his expertise to get in touch with the English heritage within strict guidelines.

Yesteryears Themed Classic Loft

A superb play between classical wooden floors and exposed brick work complete with movie posters of yesteryear, this places give you an impression of being in a movie set in the early 50’s gangster flick. It has style but doesn’t skimp on practicality.

Industrial Style by Michael Haverland

A well-appointed duplex loft in the New York area created by the famous architect Michael Haverland, it uses industrial type materials like conduits, concrete, steel to bring out a pretty luxurious and clean look.

Industrial Styled lofts

One of my favorite styles of loft architecture has to be industrial style. I’m somehow drawn to the rawness and the quiet elegance it exudes along with a good measure of toughness. This is a fine example of this style.

Classical Styled English loft

A classical styled loft from London, it has generous quantities of understated charm and elegance to give you the perfect place to kick back and relax when you get back home from work or for an extended holiday.

Custom Style Lofts

Get inspired by the colors of spring when you step into these spaces! Vibrant hues and relaxing shades put you in the exact mood you want to be for the day.

Farmhouse Renovation by RTA Studio

When converting a large space like a farmhouse, the challenge is to not lose the original ambience of the place. RTA Studio has done wonderfully well to meld everything into a well laid out loft construct.

Unique Sky Styled Lofts

One of the best examples of ‘sky’ styled lofts, this has the space and sophistication normally reserved for bigger plans. It is characterized by airy open spaces and naturally well-lit rooms.

Minimalist Classic Styled Lofts by Codor Design

Creating a minimalist style that also looks classy is a difficult proposition. But Codor Design from France have come up with an outstanding design ethos that encompasses all the elements of elegance and functionality.

French Style Industrial Design

via BHG

Characteristic French style exposed brick and wooden floors, with well-appointed interiors, this loft is a dream come true for people looking for a getaway from all the stress of everyday life.

Modern Lofts finished in wood

Fresh and modern looking loft replete with tasteful white interiors and almost finished entirely in wood, this looks fabulous! I normally prefer a bit of color in a loft but these guys have used the monochromatic theme to excellent effect!

Urban and Industrial Styled Loft

Finished with a lot of attention to detail including a bush fire resistant kitchen for people who live close to vegetation, this style of architecture is a great mixture of industrial and urban styles using their strengths.

Barn Renovation Loft

Another tastefully renovated barn house, with modern accessories but thankfully intact soul! One look at it and you could definitely see yourself being comfortable and cozy in here. I fall easily for those dark, unfinished, wooden beams.

NYC Industrial Loft

Have you ever wondered what an industrial loft finished with NYC style elements and appointed in only black and white would look like? It looks FANTASTIC! This just goes to show that most times experimenting can yield great results!

Compact Custom Style Loft

via Homedit

This loft just goes to show that constraints to space should never affect proper architecture. Despite the small proportions, it’s engineered in such a way as to utilize the maximum space available. Plus, it looks great as well!

Studio Apartment Style Loft

Ideal for the owner who has limited space at his disposal, studio apartments style loft can give you a great compromise between space and utility. Finished with classic carpets and contemporary finishes, it has wide windows and well-lit spaces.

Medium Office Space Loft

This is pretty much an ideal workplace which can accommodate 25-30 people. It has all the facilities expected out of a normal office space replete with discussion areas and place to chill out after a hard day’s work.

Compact Urban Styled Lofts

If you are one of those people who love plants (who doesn’t?!) but are finding it difficult to accommodate into your confined living space, then you need to give this a look. There are plenty of innovative ways to get more out of your loft.

Indy Designed Lofts

The thing with industrial design is that a little bit too much of it can ruin the whole experience. This is an example of it done tastefully right, with maximum space saving.

Urban Industrial Combo Loft

This is another example of the urban industrial style combo. The design elements all have a functional style to them. The lights are warm which complements the dark brown furniture and accents perfectly.

Cabin Styled Lofts

I just love cabin styled lofts! They take me to a faraway time when we used to go camping and stay at our lake-side cabin! It’s warm, cozy and functional at the same time!

Sky Styled Urban Lofts

There is a particular charm about a loft which is built high up and to be able to get a bird’s eye view of the city below is a refreshing feeling. This urban styled loft is a spacious place to be in.

Custom Urban Architecture Loft

This exclusive, urban loft styled by OKHA Interiors is a serious contender for one of the best places that I’ve ever seen! It so well-lit and airy that it feels like I’m standing on the edge of a cliff! Awesome!

Contemporary Styled Loft

If there’s anything that goes well with white it’s light, wooden accents and highlights. If you look at this loft, they have used that theme to give you a feeling of understated elegance.

Winding upI guess what I’m trying to say is that you can do a lot of things with a loft. For people with varying requirements the right loft can work with you, giving you the flexibility and the functionality you need on a day-to-day basis.

Hopefully this huge selection of images give you some point of reference if you would like to build/renovate your own loft. You can create a space that is so totally you. Don’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to styling, it can give your loft the same brand of quirkiness that marks you out from the crowd!

Feel free to share your thoughts, inspiration in the comments section below!