Top 5 Ways to Get Ready for Spring Showings

Spring is an optimal time for showing your home. Vancouverites are getting outside and loving more light in the day. They are spending time appreciating the incredible colours that are beginning to appear. With a little preparation, sellers can take advantage of the joyous feeling buyers get from fresh new beginnings. 

In this week’s blog, I have prepared a little top five list of things that can make a difference in springtime showings of your home. Just combine these tips with my recent Top 5 Tips for Staging Your Home and you’ll have a sure-fire way to impress homebuyers. 

Tidy the Yard/Deck
Get outside and clear away the winter debris from your yard or deck. It's amazing to see what pulling a rake over matted grass can do to enliven even the smallest patch of grass. Organizing and washing your patio furniture gives homebuyers a perspective on what it will be like to host a BBQ in the peak of summer.
Do a little spring planting
Run out to Vancouver Cherry Blossomsyour favourite garden centre and pick up a few blooming flowers. Whether it's a yard or a stunning potted arrangement on the patio, snowdrops and Grand Maitre crocuses are a simply beautiful way to showcase what's to come for the garden space. If you have a blooming tree on your property, cut back dead or dying branches to encourage more abundant blossoms.  

Give your windows a little sparkle
Whether you are in a loft, townhouse or home, your spring-cleaning must include a good window wash. If you have lots of windows, professional companies do offer a no-hassle streak-free shine. For a little DIY window cleaning, invest a few dollars in a quality squeegee, a metal scraper (if you have paint or pesky screen residue on your windows) and a highly absorbent material to wipe around the edges. 

Keep the temperature constant
Temperatures in the spring fluctuate constantly with summer high temperatures one day and winter lows the next. Keep home-buyers comfortable by adjusting your heating/cooling system at 18-20 C. 

Shine the light
Dreary Vancouver days can be a factor in the spring months. So, be sure to open your curtains and give your walls a scrub to keep them looking bright. In fact, wiping the walls behind your bathroom and kitchen sinks right before a viewing can make a clear difference. And, don't forget those mirrors; clean streak-free mirrors reflect more light. It doesn’t hurt to give your lightbulbs a little dusting too. 

Happy Showing!