Top 5 Tips for Staging Your Home

Vancouver staging homes for sale

When buyers are looking for a new space to call home, they are looking for a feeling. And, as a seller, you want buyers to have a uniquely wondrous feeling when they come to view your home. This feeling is what may ultimately sell your home for the best possible price with the quickest turn around.  

Staging your home is the best way to give the buyers that uniquely wondrous feeling. Personally, I am a huge supporter of staging a listing, as buyers immediately recognize and appreciate the effort. I also see great value-added to properties which puts more money in sellers' pockets. If your budget or the space doesn't warrant a professional stager, you can still make your home look the best it possibly can with a few of my helpful hints.  

Do a deep clean Freshening up carpets and cleaning the nooks and crannies can make your home look brighter. Hiring a cleaning company that specializes in staging to do a deep clean is a good starting point. Call me for a cleaning company referral. 

Get some packing doneSoon enough it will be moving time, so why not pack up items that you don't need. If it's winter, send the camping gear to a storage unit or a friend's house. You may even find yourself editing a few items that you can send on to a re-use-it center for others to enjoy. Follow the "less is more" rule. 

Make a ListTogether, we can take an inventory of the "must-haves" and "rather nots" in your home. Then make a plan to feature the "must haves" and down-play the "rather nots" in your staging process. For example, if you have a small condo, make it look more spacious with well-organized storage spaces and smaller furniture pieces. 

A coat of paint can do wonders in brightening up your space. If your time and resources are limited, then focus on toning down the most vibrant or outdated colours. Next, focus on the "must haves" list to find the best rooms to update. 

Add stunning design elements
Stacey McLachlan from Western Living Condo shares the hottest trends in staging design for 2015 in this video.