BC's Must-Do Summer Road Trip

The first highlight of my summer was a motorcycle trip through the Fraser Canyon with 3 amazing biker chicks. The four of us hit the road. We rumbled our way through Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. We carved around the windy mountain pass of the Duffy Lake into Lillooet and Lytton, while sharing the road with logging trucks, campers and fellow biker posses alike. We took in the beauty of every lookout.  Lakes, towering rock faces and a surprisingly large log-jam lined the side of this twisty road.
We tempted ourselves with a sip of a local winery’s best before we made our way to our final destination, The Mighty Fraser Motel and Fat Jack's Diner—it was most recently scooped up in an almost forgotten foreclosure by my old friend and famous former owner, Chef Todd, of the underground restaurant, 12b, in Vancouver. 
"I bought it for a song and it’s turned into an album" he says of the retro "Ace Hotel” inspired renovation. It’s quickly becoming a hotspot on the map, not only for the trucker’s breakfast and the best cappuccino around, but also for the gourmet dinners that are tastefully pared with herb-infused cocktails from Chef Todd’s personal gardens. Surrounded by the beauty of the vast and massive Fraser Canyon, you just want to relax by the huge campfire-hangout in the back 40 and listen to the trains, perched just above the mighty Fraser, barrelling to toward the transfer station below.
As one of BC's most beautiful drives, I say it’s a must for a summer time road trip! 

I've added a few links to help you make a plan before the summer ends:
The Might Fraser Motel - Accommodation
Fat Jack's Diner - Yummy Food