November 2015

East van vs. the west side: who is winning? the results are surprising

Posted on Nov 09, 2015

In 1974, American author William O. Douglas published his popular novel, Go East, Young Man. 40 years later, the title of his book could easily be a headline describing Vancouver's evolving real estate landscape. But this West Coast tale is not just about young adults seeking adventure. In this story, young men and women, middle-aged singles and co...

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Supply and Demand: Reduced Supply  ensures huge demand across lower mainland

Posted on Nov 08, 2015 in Market Updates

The real estate market in Vancouver customarily experiences a slow down as late fall approaches. Evidently, convention does not apply to home buyers in the Lower Mainland. 

Vancouver real estate agents
Compared to the same period last year, Metro Vancouver residential property sales were up nearly 20%. In fact, "last month's sales were 36.2% above the 10 year sales average for t...

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